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YOOBAO in 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show

On Jan.6th 2016, the CES(International Consumer Electronics Show) was officially opened in Las Vegas. As one of the biggest consumer electronics trade fair around the world, CES attracts thousands of electronics manufacturers and technology enthusiasts.Yoobao,as the top brand in 3C electronics in China, has caught much attentions on this fair. Yoobao launched a new series of digital accessories, including Type-C power banks, Type-C chargers, Type-C car chargers, Type-C cables, Type-C hub and so on.

Yoobao is the first and the only digital accessories manufacturer  in China to get the Type-C solution from VLI(VIA Labs, Inc). VLI belongs to VIA, which is one of the three biggest x86 manufacturers in the world. And for the first time, on this great fair, Yoobao presented the world with its full production lines and advanced research and development system for Type-C products.

Type-C products are definitely important for YOOBAO to get into North America markets.So on this fair,YOOBAO paid much attention on Type-C, including the design of Booth,display shelves etc., all have Type-C logos and labels.

On the display frame and display wall, the structure of Type-C cables and the VLI Type-C solution chip E-Marker are very eye-catching.And as we know, the key to the Type-C products is the E-Marker chip. Only when the accessories have the E-Marker chip, digital devices can realize the USB 3.0/3.1 high speed communication function and USB PD2.0 quick charge function.Because of the shortage of this chip, not many factories can produce Type-C products.

Months before CES, the whole Type-C market was still in its infancy,Yoobao and VLI already reached a strategic cooperation and became the first one in this industry to launch a full series Type-C products.Having been striving to make technological breakthrough and accumulating production experience for over half a year, Yoobao is getting more and more mature on the Type-C technology and production.And on this CES fair, Yoobao once again presented the world with dozens of Type-C products, including the YB-HUB-HDMI-PD. These products are basically compatible with most devices which has Type-C interface. Yoobao makes his own position among competitors with his hi-tech innovation ability and world-class production ability.

Yoobao, an enterpise that is customer oriented and technologically innovative, continuosly produce user-friendly and reliable products, creating a better lifestyle to more and more people. We believe that through the exhibition of Type-C products on CES, Yoobao products and spirits will gradually spread to the whole world.



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